Brian Lalor
by Brian Lalor



Taken near Cape House Restaurant, Harvey Parish, NB 🇨🇦
Taken near Outer Head, Harvey Parish, NB 🇨🇦
Taken near Cape Enrage Road, Harvey Parish, NB 🇨🇦

I failed at visiting Hopewell Rocks this morning. Arrived too early and then got distracted trying to find breakfast and a cup of coffee. My internal conversion from kilometers to miles seems faulty (maybe from the lack of coffee), or perhaps the signs are misleading, but the side trip got me back to Hopewell at high tide, and that didn’t seem special enough to warrant paying an entry fee. Cape Enrage, on the other hand, was worth the trip. It’s an old lighthouse on the edge of nowhere with strong winds and exposed rocks, and a foghorn that has hearing damage warning signs nearby (I put earplugs in just in case). The photos don’t capture the wind: it was strong and gusty and made sticking to a line on the bike impossible. They’d just opened today after being closed for 4 days due to the storm. I was told the wind was blowing extra strong to make up for lost time.