I only got one run in today before racing was put on hold due to the wind (and I suspect it’s done for the day). My GPS and the timing slip agree, which is nice. I was at 117 in 5th gear but not accelerating much, and lost 1mph after shifting into 6th. I have a few bits to remove to try to make the closet — I mean bike — a little more sleek. And I have a -1 tooth front sprocket that I’ll put on to attempt to make 6th usable, but I really don’t think anything will make up that 13mph difference. That’s ok, though. It’s still something to have gotten it out there, and the reactions have been awesome.

double take “Wait, you’re racing that?”
Yeah, I rode it from Virginia.
double take “Virginia?!”

Taken near Days Inn, Wendover, UT 🇺🇸
Taken near Bonneville Speedway, Salduro, UT 🇺🇸